What Every Hunter Needs(A Must Need Guide for Hunters)

Hunting is a fascinating and famous hobby. Many people in the world try to hunt their favourite animals. You find a lot of fun while hunting. But things always do not go like we plan, especially in hunting.

You may face a wild animal; maybe the weather becomes harsh, your gun may break down, your car perhaps punctured. So, what you will do in such a situation, while there is nobody around you.

It is a better idea for a successful hunting experience that a hunter should be prepared by all means to face any problem. So, to meet things, you should know everything about “what should every prepared hunter carry for outdoor emergencies”.

Before discussing things necessary to carry with you while going hunting, we should tell you about some accidents that can happen with a hunter.

What outdoor emergencies and accidents can happen?

Our main topic is to share things with you that a hunter should have with him for outdoor emergencies. But first, we will tell you about some typical outdoor troubles that a hunter can face.

  • Hunters are at high risk of attack by animals. You could have much trouble if you face a wild animal like a lion, leopard, or an angry elephant. It usually happens when you may consider that an animal is dead, but it was your mistake.
  • Drowning is also a typical outdoor emergency that hunter faces mostly. The reason for drowning is that animals live near water bodies. When you go behind them to hunt them, you may fall into a river or lake.
  • Another outdoor emergency that can happen with hunters is injury. While you are hunting, you may slip from the stones due to a misstep.
  • Your car or bike can puncture or some other problem with your vehicle in the way.
  • Maybe you are stuck in the forest due to bad weather, and you need to spend a night or a day there.

You may encounter other types of accidents out there, but the emergencies that we listed above are the most occurring.

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What Should Every Prepared Hunter Carry for outdoor emergencies?

You have known what outdoor emergencies can happen with a hunter on hunting. Every hunter should learn about first aid techniques and carry the following things when going hunting.

1. First Aid Box:

You should take a medicine kit equipped with necessary wound treatment medicines. It is compulsory to keep wound cleaning solution, pain killer, bandages, and tape.

If you are a patient of diseases such as diabetes or heart problems, you should also keep your medicines in the first aid box.

2. Means of Communication:

Before hunting, you should carry any device such as a mobile phone to help you communicate with people. It would help if you also took a Ziploc bag to keep your phone dry.

3. Whistle:

It is also a good idea to take a whistle with you; it will help you give your friends signals to rescue you in case of an emergency.

4. Power Bank:

Any gadget that you have may run out of charge. This could be more problematic if you are hunting in a colder region. It is better that you should have a power bank with you to charge your gadgets when you need it.

5. Fire Makers:

While you are going hunting, it is necessary to keep fire makers with you. You do not have an idea about the weather. If there is bad weather and you need to stay at night, then the fire maker will give you light and keep you warm.

6. Torch:

Torchlight will brighten your way in the darkness and make you see your paths clearly and keep you safe from possible attacks. You can take some small size torch or can attach it with a brim of your cap.

7. GPS device and compass:

You should also take a GPS device or compass with you. In this modern age, advanced mobiles have GPS facilities to navigate your way. But a Compass can also be helpful if you face a problem of mobile out of charge.

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8. Fast Food Items:

It is necessary to take some fast food items with you, which you intake when you feel hungry. No one can have an exact idea about their days to spend, so; it is better to take enough food with you. 

9. Water and Water Purifying Items:

No one can ignore the importance of water. So, before going on a trip for hunting, you should take purified water with you. 

But to meet emergencies, you should also take water purifying items such as your water filter. This water filter will provide you with healthy water that you can take from anywhere. 

1o. Vehicles necessary items:

Your vehicle is your best support that will help you anywhere while you are hunting. To avoid any untoward situation, it is better to keep an extra tire, extra fuel, and necessary tools for your vehicle repair.

11. Knife or cutting device:

As you have a gun with you, that is the best defensive tool, but you cannot ignore a knife’s importance. It is compulsory to carry a knife with you for your safety.

What to do in case of Emergencies:

No one has a pre-idea of emergency, so people lose their composure during the crisis and forget what necessary action to take. But here we provide some suggestions that will help you to face emergencies with courage.

  • Never lose focus during an emergency.
  • Don’t be panic, and stay confident.
  • Locate your gadget to call your friends for help.
  • If you have a whistle, then blow it to give signals to your friends for rescue.
  • If you got injured, provide first aid to yourself as early treatment.
  • Don’t worry; if you lost, sit for a couple of minutes and then take help from your GPS device.

Final Thoughts:

Now you have known that what should Every Prepared Hunter Carry for outdoor emergencies. It makes you able to be well prepared for accidents or emergencies during hunting.

In the end, we will conclude by saying that hunting is great fun, but your safety is more important than anything. So before going hunting, it is necessary to remember everything and take all the essential things first.

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