ASAT Camo Review 2020 – An Entrance To The Hunting World

Are you looking for Best Ghillie Suit for hunting? If this, then a quality ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon is your entrance to the hunting world.

ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon is a big ‘YES’ for the bowhunters on their hunting mission. It’s a good suit overall for the bow hunters. It’s lightweight and seems to be made well enough. 

Hunters who have had high hopes with the Ghillie Suits may think twice about this ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon. It’s a pretty enjoyable suit and will work well for many hunting lovers.

Asat Camo Review 2020:

A proverb goes that ‘look before you leap’. When you decide to buy stuff online, you had better consider the features the product is with. Let’s discuss some important features of the ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon.

2-piece product:

This suit is consists of 2 pieces, a shirt, and pants. Thus, this suit is very easy to carry while going for bow hunting. This 2-piece suit is quite easy to get on and off.

A stealthy bow hunter loves to pick it because it is handy to move silently in the jungle to prey on the animals. This ASAT leafy is absolute gold for bow hunters for this feature.

This feature makes the suit lightweight and unusual for the hunters. This feature can pour the fuel into the fire of interest of the hunters.

Millions of hunters are in YES to have the suit for these excellent features.


What if your suit fall apart after some usages? You feel sorry for that. ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon is made of the materials that offer the suit durability.

This suit is extremely durable due to its amount of stitches. This suit is manufactured in such a way it lasts a long time even after the rough usages.

If you are worried about the warranty of the Camo suit, it can go on for a long period.

Pro 3D design:

For the betterment, the 3D modelling has brought a revolutionary change into the way we use to design. 3D design suite is environmentally friendly, and the percentage of wastage is almost lesser.

This suit has a 3D face mask. This design has created an extra interest for the customers. Pro 3D design is the heroic feature here.

It sets a milestone in the Ghillie Suit market for all types of hunters.

Reasonable price:

You can buy this ASAT camo suit at a reasonable price. This camo suit is slightly higher in price than the average and typical camo suit brands. Every walk of hunters can avail of this camo suit for their hunting.

So, instead of worrying about the budget, choose this Camo suit for your hunting mission.


Wants to find peace? I am sure you like it to have peace. Then you can prefer a lightweight suit for a heavy one. This ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon is lighter.

It gives comfort to the hunters who stalk on the jungle. You can simply imagine the accuracy to grab this ASAT camo suit to add this into your cart.


There are different colours of ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon, and this suit is not only perfect for a specific environment like jungles. 

Besides, this suit is ideal for any terrain. You can use this suit for your maximum purposes in any geographical location due to its color.

ASAT Vanish Pro 3D System Poly/Nylon XL...
  • Package length: 36.83 cm
  • Package width: 29.21 cm
  • Package height: 5.334 cm
  • Product Type: BINOCULAR


• Durable material

• Lightweight design

• Hunting quality

• Washable

• Multiples Color

• To have hood

• To have face cover too

• Having no UV brighteners in this suit

• Soft and quiet


• Creates noise while walking

• It is not very leafy

• Having more mesh than necessary

• To have the net material face mask

• No whistles or bells

• Not waterproof suit instead it is a mesh

• It is not machine-washable

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Asat Camo Vs Predator Camo: Which One is better?

ASAT Camo:


The ASAT camo is totally Nylon/poly made.

Not water repellant:

This camo suit is made of mesh, so it is not water repellant.


This camo suit is cost-effective.

All Season All Terrain:

This suit is useful in all year round and all terrains.

Predator Camo: 

Durable water repellant:

Predator camo suit is durable and water repellant so hunters can use this all year round.

100% Polyester:

This camo suit is polyester, no nylon no poly.

Imported quality:

The predator camo suit is imported quality.

Manual Wash:

This camo suit needs to be washed manually.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Question 1: Does this suit have a hood?

Answer: Yes, This camo has a hood. Hunters like this camo more for this hood. It is a headpiece made of mesh.

Question 2: Is this ASAT camo water-resistant?

Answer: This camo suit is made of mesh, so it is not water-resistant having vinyl pattern over it. Moreover, this camo suit is made to be worn over other costumes. This suit is not perfect to wear in the rainy season.

Question 3: How useful is the ASAT camo suit?

Answer: If any hunter uses this suit properly while hunting or stalk at the forests, it could be useful even to a more significant extent. Many bowhunters find it very practical and helpful to say a ‘YES’.It is a must-buy for the bow hunters.

Question 4. Is this camo suit expensive?

Answer: Not at all. This suit is slightly higher in price than the typical brands. Hunters from any walk of life can afford this ASAT camo suit.

Question 5. Is this camo suit washable?

Answer: you can wash it by your hand. However, it is not machine-washable. You have to use your hands with detergent to clean this suit. It looks natural even after many washes.


Out of numerous options, you might be confused about which one you pick. My review will help you to choose the perfect Camo suit, and that is the ASAT camo suit.

This ASAT camo suit is an ideal choice for hunters who want some fun and amazing hunting.

I hope my review will help you to choose the right one and make your hunt enjoyable.

Happy hunting!!!

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