Best Decoy for Deer Hunting(For the Money Reviews)

While hunting a deer, it is necessary to bring them in your shooting range and keep them busy with something. In this case, a deer decoy will act as a trigger and help you to get the next trophy size buck. But what you think about choosing the best decoy for deer hunting is easy?

Unlike other items, choosing a good decoy is tough when you have little idea about it. Moreover, there are many varieties and brands in this field. We keep all those points in our mind and do some research on it afterward we present this decoy list in front of you. Hopefully, our deer decoy list will help you to earn sound knowledge on it and able to pick the best one.

Review of Best Decoy for Deer Hunting

To help you in choosing, here we enlist the 6 best decoy for deer hunting.

Primos Scarface Decoy

Are you facing trouble to find deer or bring them near your eyesight? In this case, you can use a decoy that helps to draw the attention of the deer and bring them into your shooting range. For you, here we bring a decoy named Primos Scarface Decoy.

This Primos made full-bodied decoy is pretty light-weight, easy to haul to the stand, and great to attract other bucks with its realistic feature.

If you are a hunter, you definitely know the moving capability of a decoy makes it more realistic to the deer. After that, you can easily take a clean shot to get a deer. The head of this decoy seems realistic because the head moves around in the slightest breeze.

Moreover, the life-like tail will also blow around along with movement in the breeze. Apart from the head and tail, the eyes also look realistic, and the body is exponentially quiet and soft.

As you have to carry it and set up your own, that’s why it is important to check out the assembling and carrying side. This decoy can be assembled easily as well as quickly it just takes 3 minutes maximum. After finishing the hunting, you can easily keep apart all the body parts and keep legs, stand, and other small parts inside the body. Then filled all those pieces in your supplied bag and pop off.

Primos Scarface Decoy
  • Quality materials used for all Primos products
  • 100% designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments
  • Whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even casual, Primos will fit the mold for all types of people


  • Pretty light-weight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Have a realistic appearance.
  • Antlers can be removed. 


  • Keeping parts inside the body section can be frustrating.

Flambeau Outdoors 5965MD Boss Babe – Masters Series Decoy

The best decoy for deer hunting will help you significantly if you wish to bring a deer under your shooting range. Here we bring a decoy named Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Decoy that will look like an actual deer when it hauls to the stand in the field.  So, let’s see why we enlist this decoy on our best decoy for deer hunting list. 

This durable deer decoy constructed with 3-D blow-molded HDPE plastic. Moreover, this decoy comes in sizes like a 1.5-year-old doe, and the anatomic correct posture really attracts the deer for investigation during the rut.

Moreover, you will get two sets of ears one is a relaxed ear that stimulates a welcoming doe position, and the other stimulates an alert posture.

Interestingly, you can add deer attractors like scent pads to its back legs or a deer call on its front leg. You will see a couple of holes on the lags and it’s each hole on each leg that helps to anchor it down.

Each limb attaches with a little cap and you can take the leg off by the cap. Moreover, a big hole lies in the belly and you can put the limbs and head inside the body. After that, it becomes easy for you to carry despite the 14-pound weight.

Flambeau Outdoors 5965MD Boss Babe -...
  • FIELD-PROVEN: Durable, 3-D blow molded HDPE plastic deer decoy with ultra-realistic detail for luring in whitetail deer
  • ULTRA-REALISTIC HUNTING DECOY: The anatomically correct posture and true-to-life size of a 1.5 year-old doe causes bucks—from little baskets to chandelier Booners—to come running to investigate, especially during the rut.
  • COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE: Features a removable leg design that allows the legs to fit conveniently in the body cavity for easy transportation or storage. Heavy-duty threaded leg posts and locking lugs.
  • DETAILS & FEATURES: Includes two sets of ears - submissive and alert. Peg on rear leg allows for the attachment of scent pads.
  • Decoy Dimensions - Nose to tail: 41" / Tip of ear to ground: 44" / Body width at widest point: 11.5" / Shoulder to ground: 32"


  • You can use the body to carry limbs and head.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • You can add scent pads in the rear legs.


  • Setup may take a little time.

Primos Waggin’ Whitetail Deer Decoy

Bringing a deer in your shooting range will become easy when you can place a realistic decoy.  Here we bring a deer decoy named Primos Waggin’ Whitetail Deer Decoy that is considered one of the most versatile deer decoys. Moreover, it is manufactured by Primos – a reputed hunting products manufacturer.

Thankfully, you can use this wagging tail with a full-size deer decoy or without a deer decoy. Interestingly, when you attach it to a tree or post it will also seem like deer movement. This wagging tail’s realistic movement will provide enough confidence to its surrounding deer that it is real.

Another interesting feature is you can control the tail’s movement from the 40-yard range by a 2 button battery-powered remote.  There are two different tail motion sequences like short as well as long-tail wag motion.

After purchasing this product, here you will find a motor, tails, base, remote, and straps that help to mount it. The whole package size is not heavy; instead, the weight is less than 1 pound, so you can easily carry it to your favorite hunting spots.

Primos Waggin' Whitetail Deer Decoy
  • Quality materials used for all Primos products
  • 100% designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments
  • Whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even casual, Primos will fit the mold for all types of people
  • Designed for use with or without deer decoy; Attach to decoy, tree or post to simulate deer movement
  • Two separate tail motion sequences, short tail twitch or long tail twitch


  • Having a remote that helps to operate it from 40 yards.
  • Here you find short as well as long-tail wag motion.
  • The weight is pretty much low, like 1 pound.
  • You can use it with or without a deer decoy.


  • You may find it hard to mount effectively without a full-bodied deer decoy.

Flambeau Outdoors

Here is another listed full-bodied deer decoy that is durable and also looks like a real one. Hopefully, you can use this deer decoy as a trigger to get the next trophy size buck. Moreover, its life-like paint and realistic hair detail give it a look like a relaxed grazing young doe.

As you need to place it in a field, here the balance-related question naturally comes to the buyer’s mind. The legs of this deer decoy are angled which will ensure proper balance, so you can wipe out the tension of its fall on a windy day in a field. Interestingly, it allows you to rotate 360 degrees.

After finishing the task, it’s time to leave the place with your deer decoy. This lightweight deer decoy’s body part can be broken down and then the legs can put inside the body that hopefully, facilitate you in storing as well as transporting.

Flambeau Outdoors 5967GD Grazing Doe -...
  • Opposable ears
  • Realistic hair detail and life-like paint scheme
  • Can be staked in heavy winds (stakes not included)
  • Legs fit in body cavity for convenient transportation


  • Having detailed and realistic hair.
  • The leg design helps it to stand up even on a windy day
  • Having a life-like paint scheme.
  • Can store the legs inside the body that will facilitate transportation.


  • You may find it hard to place a mechanical tail on this deer decoy.

MONTANA DECOY Dream Team Buck and Doe,Multi

It is really sorrowful that you couldn’t get any deer even though you pass long hours and the place is popular for deer hunting. Here one of the important things you may skip like failing to place a life-like best decoy for deer hunting.

So to help you in this arena, we bring an interesting set of deer decoys made by Montana Decoy. Although it is a two-dimensional product, it has enough proof to work well.

Both whitetail doe and whitetail buck decoy will help you in different hunting scenarios by attracting deer. Moreover, this decoy team can be used throughout the season.

Notably, you can use them either tandem or separately. Another interesting point is it’s both sides print that helps to make it realistic especially on cloudy days or in the woods it seems very life-like.

Can you guess what point we skip? Yes, the balance which is important to look at a decoy. In this decoy, the manufacturer attaches ground stakes that will help it to stand.

Another attractive feature you may like is its lightweight (less than 4 pounds). You hopefully guess it can transport easily. The perception is absolutely true with its lightweight as well as folds up feature. Also, you don’t need much time to set it up.  

MONTANA DECOY Dream Team Buck and Doe,...
  • Whitetail Doe and Whitetail Buck decoy provide endless setup options.
  • Both deer decoys fold flat, fit easily in your pack, and set up in seconds.
  • These deer decoys can be used on their own or paired with one another.


  • Easy to set up and pack.
  • You can use it either tandem or separately.
  • Here attach ground stakes.
  • Its fold-up feature will help you in carrying.


  • This decoy is not three dimensional.

Tail-Wagger Deer Rear Deer Decoy

Are you struggling to bring a deer in your range while hunting? If you are that person, this product hopefully helps you to attract a deer. So, let’s see the feature you will find in this Tail-Wagger Deer Rear Deer Decoy.

As you may know, the wagging tail gives a deer decoy a realistic look. You can relate this tail’s gentle swaying motion to the natural one that will attract the male deer. It requires some 4 C-cell batteries to ensure its mechanical wagging.

Apart from those, you will find additional appealing attributes. One is here used aluminum ground stake that is adjustable and corrosion-resistant. Also, the manufacturer used elastomeric polymer coating to make it durable and also weather-resistant.

Furthermore, the material is very flexible and lightweight (just 4 pounds) so that you can easily carry it after folding.

The package includes a foam deer rear with Tail-Wagger installed, adjustable height mounting stake, power pack, elastic tree strap, flexible foam tail, durable synthetic fur tail, carrying bag, and the instructions.

Pure Support Knee Brace Sleeve with Best...
  • Flexible and Light weight
  • All automatic tail wagging, adjustable intervals
  • Adjustable aluminum ground stake
  • Synthetic fur tail AND flexible foam tail included
  • Power pack operates on 4 C-cell batteries


  • It is flexible as well as lightweight for field use. 
  • Easy to use and transport.
  • Used elastomeric polymer coating to make it durable and also weather resistance
  • The package includes a carrying bag.


  • Only a tile not full-bodied.

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Is it better to use a buck or doe decoy?

Basically, it depends, for instance, you will find the young buck decoy and estrus doe are effective for attracting a buck during the rut. Moreover, you can set up a feeding doe decoy which is effective when they are trying to find other deer to feed with.

Which way do you face a deer decoy?

While hunting with a doe decoy, you have better to maintain the rule of facing the decoy away from you. Also, you can set it up in an angle position but make sure that facing the decoy away from your stand.

Do Doe decoys work?

Yes, a doe decoy helps to bring a deer in close otherwise the deer will pass by and remain undetected. If you use a pistol or bow, you can use the decoy as a trigger to bring the deer in your range. Afterward, when the deer engage observing the doe decoy you can easily take a clean shot.

What scent attracts deer the most?

The deer hunters typically use the doe urine (the most common attractant scent) in the liquid form. This scent is good for piquing curiosity and claiming the nerves of the deer. 

Will Peanut Butter attract deer?

Yes, peanut butter is excellent bait because the deer love it. This bait can be used alone or in a mixture to attract deer while hunting or enjoying their activity.

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Wrap Up

A deer decoy will facilitate your hunting when you are able to set up the best one.  You may see many successful hunters find it difficult to find deer without placing the right decoy in the area. We don’t say only the deer decoy helps to hunt a deer instead you need to grab some tricks also.

However, when you wish to purchase the best decoy for deer hunting you have to consider something otherwise you lose your money either. Hopefully, this article will help to know much useful information regarding deer decoy. Finally, we wish you happy deer hunting with one of our listed deer decoys.

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