11 Best Deer Grunt Call Review – [Tips And Tricks For 2020]

Deer Grunt Call 🙂

Have you ever asked yourself –

                                   Does Deer Grunt Call really work during the archery season?


            What about rattling & grunting during the rutting time of year?  

The answer is “yes.”

In the USA (northern states), archery deer hunting periods start in early October. But here in Michigan, the deer season starts Oct. 1st.

However, hunting deer is not like skating or boarding or walking in the park. It is a severe & excellent job that needs necessary equipment such as ammunition, firearm, and, most significantly, the best deer grunt call.  

A deer grunt call is ideal for tempting a deer out of hiding by copy their sound mainly while you come to a very close position to make your shot with accurate precision.

Furthermore, not all deer calls are best. You need to choose the top one for your hunting needs. So to help you out, we did extensive research for you and made the best deer grunt call review guide 2020.  

Best Deer Calls Buying Guides: 2020 Tips and tricks

How to choose a Grunt Call?

· Requires low airflow:

A grunt call that needs enough air only to operate will probably be loud. It would help if you customized the volume for whatever continuity you are facing.

A call demanding less air can be blown quietly on a calm day or provided too much air for stormy days or long-distance calling.

· Flexible:

Deer interact with different pitches, much like we perform with voice inflection. Your call needs to be pliable enough to copy a wide range of white-tailed deer sounds.

Also, a young buck, doe, and mature deer all sound different, so you need to copy all these for any case.     

Frequently this is performed by gliding a rubber ring to different areas on the call’s pipe to bring out different sounds.

On the other hand, this can be done with plungers such as a device or finger areas that you use pressure to.

· Freeze proof:

The weather condition can get extremely cold in the north woods & that can indicate frozen grunt call.

It may work well in the first few times, but when your breath freezes and condensates inside the pipe, it may not work. Never let this occur to you.     

· Practice:

Be sure to practice, practice, and practice whatever model of a grunt call you to choose for hunting needs.

Besides, it would be best if you were not in the woods with a new grunt call any longer than you need to have a rifle you do not fire before.

Why you need Deer Grunt Call?

  • Durable:

The deer grunt calls are tested and durable against rough environments and weather conditions. So it would help if you never worried about this tool is going to work or not.

  • Easy to use:

You never need to find out the deer and waste your worthy hours for it because you can hunt your target animal from a distance.

  • Quality Sound:   

The deer grunt call comes with a versatile sound. Also, the company focuses more on developing the quality of the sound to make it more natural.

Best Deer Grunt Call Review 2020:

1. Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call system

Editor’s choice: The Illusion Game Calls Extinguisher Deer Call system is the first choice in this review list that can successfully call the awaited trophy deer to you. Thanks to its patented Modislide technology that makes it the number one deer call that sounds like a doe, buck, and fawn in an urgent.

Highlighted features:

If you want to experience real-life dear calling scenarios in your hunting times, then the Extinguisher Deer Call system plays an indispensable role due to its hunt friendly features.

According to the study (NAHC Field Test), the Extinguisher Deer Call system is familiar as the top-rated whitetail deer call system out on the market.

When it comes to producing realistic sounds and direct calling, you will find this system an effective one due to its double-layered technology.

Besides, the freeze-free design, acoustic technology, and versatility take this calling system to the next level.       


•    All in one deer call system

•    Best selling extinguisher out on the market

•    Adjustable pitch and tone

•    NAHC approved

•    Easy to use and transport

•    Compatible with all-weather condition


•    NAHC field test scoring is 99.6%


If you want to have a premium line of hunting calls that uses the most modern technology in its made, then choosing the extinguisher deer call system could be your rigorous choice.

2. Elk Dt Deer Talk Call

Editor’s choice: The second deer call to be reviewed is the ELK DT Deer Talk Call. It is designed brilliantly for hunting all species of Deer, for example, mule deer hunting, Blacktail, and whitetail deer. The mouthwatering features continued to keep the hunter’s (both amateurs and professionals) mind calm and quiet.

Highlighted features:

The Elk Dt Deer Talk Call by Elk Dt is one of the best-reviewed deer calls for hunting out on the competition.

Perhaps it might not be the first call in your buying list, but you would find it excellent when it comes to price and size.

It works better than started for Hawks, Cats, Fox, Bears, and Coyotes. The lightweight of this unit makes it highly transportable to the hunters.

As you might imagine as well this item is easy to use, it needs no advance knowledge before you can get the way around it. I especially recommend this deer call for those who want to use it consistently all year round.


•    Best deer call for all species

•    Works well on all season

•    Easy to use

•    Lightweight and affordable

•     Ideal for mule deer


•    It is not apparent for long-distance

Verdict: The ELK DT Deer Talk Call could be the best choice for those who want a budget-friendly deer call for their hunting needs. 

3. Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

Editor’s choice: Primos Hardwood Grunter Call by Primos is the decent grunt call for those who are looking for a low price unit for hunting a trophy buck. The Hardwood built makes this unit top-notch to anyone for a whitetail grunt call in the market. 

Highlighted features:

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call is the modern version of Primos that makes it rich and realistic. When it comes to flexibility, durability, and convenience, you will find this Primos looking gorgeous.

Thanks to its hardwood construction that makes it unique and an instant winner out on the market. Furthermore, this grunter call is long-lasting and robust, which makes your outdoor hunting trips easy and effortless.

This model comes with 6 in 1 bleat and grunts, which ensures high functionality. The Hardwood construction also opens the door of extra loud volume. When it comes to deer hunting, you don’t need to be close enough, which is well worth your money.


•    Hardwood Grunter Call

•    Large hose for changeable tones

•    Adjustable tone works excellent

•    6 in 1 sound

•    Easy to use

•    Versatile and durable deer call


•    Sound is not loud enough

•    A bit tough to adjust    


If you are serious about getting the trophy buck this season, I won’t hesitate to recommend you buy this model.  Ideal call system for different ages of deer hunters.

4. Primos The Original CAN Deer Call with Grip Rings

Just like any other model from Primos, the Original CAN Deer Call with Grip Rings is also a fantastic hunting device for the money.

The high performing capacity makes this model a top-line unit in the life of a hunter. Besides, when it comes to harsh weather conditions, the Original CAN Deer Call works excellent. 

It comes with a brilliant design that signals a deer that a female deer is ready to breed, thereby appealing it instantly.

Also, this deer call can make an excellent doe (female Deer) estrus bleat, which attracts Blacktail, whitetail, and Mule Deer immediately.

No doubt, the Original CAN Deer Call seems to be the best unit to ever make by Primos due to its compatibility with different weather conditions. The advanced thumb hole technology of this model ensures a steady sound.


•    Deer Call with Grip Rings

•    100% tested for tough environments

•    Ideal for professionals and beginners

•    Rubberized (top & bottom) for certain (non-slip) calling

•    Easy to use


•    Need to improve the sound quality

•    After getting wet, it doesn’t perform well


In conclusion, I personally love Primos, but the Original CAN Deer Call has been worth its name. I wish it would work on your hunting trips.

5. Illusion System Extinguisher & Black Rack Calling System (Camo)

If you are looking for a top-line deer calling system for your next day trip, then perhaps illusion System Extinguisher & Black Rack Calling System would be the right one. It comes with some unique features that provide hunters some special benefits.

Thanks to the modislide system, which is exceptional to any other deer call out on the market. Also, the acoustic technology and freeze free design makes this calling system accessible and high performing unit among others right now.

This NAHC tested deer call also comes with a unique bone core technology that enables this system to produce loud, realistic & antler-like sound.


•    NAHC Field Tested

•    Freeze-free design

•    Patented modislide

•    Exclusive bone-core technology

•    Black concealment

•    Easy to use and carry


•    It is a bit difficult to bring compared to others

•    It needs ample space under a small tree


Finally, this could be a sound system for using a long time with more practice. Great set, which is light and discreet.

6. Primos Big Bucks Bag Call

When it comes to going through harsh weather and environment, then choosing Big Bucks Bag Call by Primos wouldn’t be a wrong choice to buy.  

Thanks to the design and quality that gives the Big Bucks Bag Call special attention to the deer hunters. Besides, the use of durable components in its build helps it to beat the harshest weather conditions.

Also, it comes with a double set of power tines that make the sounds of two discrete sized Deer comparing with the same region.

The lacing at the top of the bag allows you to hang the bag and keep the call from rattling when you are moving. Also, it comes with a holder on a different side if you need to fix another call to it. The camonet makes it concealed when you hang the bag.  


•    Ideal for harsh weather condition

•    Easy to use and transport

•    Sound is super realistic

•    Durable and versatile

•    100% waterproof


•    It is not great for space-saving

•    Small size

7. Flextone All-in-One Deer Calls

The Flextone All-in-One Deer Calls is another essential collection in the production of the deer hunting tool market.

 If you need deer call to make fawn bawls, doe bleats, or buck grants, then this model performs by you just blowing into it. The small size of this model makes it easy to carry for the deer hunters.

If you are a beginner in the hunting game, then you will find this item extremely enjoyable. Overall you would be happy with its lightweight and versatility.


•    All-in-one deer calls

•    Flexible body to change the size

•    Compact, versatile and lightweight

•    Ideal for novice hunters

•    Realistic sounds

•    Value for the bucks


•    It is a bit costly

•    Disposable

8. Hook’s Custom Calls Messenger Deer Grunt Call

The Messenger Deer Grunt Call is the first deer call by Hook’s Custom Calls in our review list. It could be the best call for those who want to have an easy to control and more realistic model that can call both does and bucks.

The Hook’s Custom Calls is the result of groundbreaking research by an experienced team. They have done extensive research before manufacturing this product based on the sound of wild animals.

The volume, tone, and sound of this deer grunt call are designed concerning the organic sound free-ranging Deer. It appeals and invites other bucks to come close to the deer call.

According to Grant Woods, Ph.D., (Wildlife Biologist) – A deer call plays a significant role than a bow or a gun while hunting deer. So, the Messenger Deer Call by Hook’s Custom Calls could be the model that can make an authentic sound. 


•    Realistic sound and tone

•    Field-tested deer call

•    Works well for a younger buck

•    Ideal for all kinds of hunters


•    It doesn’t work well in wet condition

9. Nationwide Scents – Deer Hunting Grunt Call

As the name suggests, this deer call is made by the nationwide scents team since the 1980s. When it comes to quality, you will find this item brilliant.

Also, the cherry wood construction and an extra-long tube allow this unit to create a low and high volume of sound.

The Nationwide Scents – Deer Hunting Grunt Call can correctly simulate a young buck call, rutting buck sound, doe bleat, fawn bleat, breeding buck, and regular doe bleat.

One of the most significant and game-changing features of this deer call system is the ease of aligning the ring on the tube.

Besides, this model has a durable lanyard for easy portability on hunting trips or when you need to take a close shot. It is made with a sturdy freeze proof head to provide you the active call in the harsh conditions.


•    Cherry wood made deer call 

•    Affordable and adjustable reed

•    Versatile and easy to use

•    Ideal for all weather conditions

•    Loud to the gentle sound


•    Getting loose at the top & base joint

•    It is a bit difficult to access

10. Primos 776 Deer Call, Revolver Grunt

Are you looking for a deer call with quality and durability? If so, then choosing a 776 Deer Call by Primos could be a model that you are looking for your hunting needs.

The 776 Deer Call has an appealing black and a bit green color that gives it a beautiful and unique look. Besides, it is designed and made of high-quality material.

Most significantly, it features a rotating dial that is designed to adjust call for a doe grunt, doe bleat, fawn bleat, and young buck sound.


•    Made from high-quality material

•    Rotating dial technology

•    Produces all deer sounds

•    Easy to carry

•    Fast adjustments


•    It is a bit larger than other calls

•    Lanyard is too short

11. Flextone Bone Collector Buck Crusher Deer Call

The Bone Collector Buck Crusher Deer Call is one of the top-line products by Flextone (a well-renowned deer hunting making company).

One of the mouthwatering features of this deer call is the accurate hands-free call mode that makes it superior for bow hunting. Another significant feature of this unit is its sound, which is enough for gun time. 

The Buck Crusher Deer Call is easy to carry because it is always tied to your wrist, and it is loud, mainly the doe in the heat segment.  However, one important note is that this model has harsh chemicals that cause cancer and congenital disabilities.    


•    All in one wrist strap grunter

•    Sounds are clear and loud

•    Durable and lightweight

•    Ideal for doe call

•    Best for bowhunters 


•    The wrist strap is a bit larger

•    Doesn’t work well in below-freezing condition


There you have details of the best deer grunt call that helps you to hunt big bucks. If applied correctly, these calls will lure in an angry, curious, or loves-truck trophy buck.

Research the actual frequency and sounds used by deer in a different environment to choose the right call.   

Have you used any one of the deer calls mentioned above? Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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