9 Best Hunting Backpack For elk Hunting Review 2020

“Hunters carry hunting backpacks to carry their hunting items. They use these hunting backpacks for keeping meat of hunt as well. Besides, these make hunters relaxed while they are hunting.”

  But which one is the best Hunting Backpack For elk hunting?

Well, we have sorted out the best performingBackpacks for elk hunting.We are bringing the ten best Backpacks for your elk hunting needs which will provide you even better service.

So I hope you could get your dream hunting backpacks when you review our top ten performers.  However let’s take a look at our provided list and select the best one for you.

Essentials for ELK Hunting:

Essentials for ELK hunting may vary from hunter to hunter. But some everyday items that you shall need to have.

  • Cooking items
  • Torchlight
  • Cell phone batteries
  • Thermos
  • Firelighter
  • Knife for hunting.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Sleeping Bags.
  • Extra dresses.

What should be in Good Quality Backpacks for ELK Hunting?

When you go for purchasing a backpack for elk hunting, you need to check some features. By checking, you will be able to get the best one.

  • Fabric quality.
  • Weapon Carrying System.
  • Resistant against water, dirt, moist, and lousy weather.
  • Body temperature moderator.
  • Straps and belts.
  • There is a separate compartment for meat
  • Warranty Cover
  • Modern design
  • Easy to carry.

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Best Hunting Backpack For elk hunting review 2020 

1. Alps Outdoorz Commander:

Alps Outdoorz Commander is one of the top-performing items. With its review, we come to know it is one of the favorite backpacks of hunters.

There in the backpacks cushions with 180 degrees. That gives an excellent grip on your back. These soft and smooth quality cushions decrease the pressure of the heavy bag.

This backpack manufactured with suitable quality nylon. The ripstop fabric used that ensures its durability. You can even use it in the rainy weather without wetting your items inside it.

It is your best companion in the bad weather, and even you can dive in the lake by keeping inside the item dry. This backpack has high resistance against water.

There include clip-style hostler, hydration pocket, and drop-down rifles. These keep your essential items safe.

It has many pockets on the front, back, on both sides, and also inside the backpack. You can arrange and keep your products with ease. You can keep your items in an organized way.

On the hunting, you can keep your meat in a special pocket. It keeps your meat fresh.

Its size is also manageable and wide to keep many of the items. Lightweight and assembly are perfect that supports you to carry heavy objects with ease.

It is a perfect piece that moderates your body time temperature. You can hang it on your back; it will not heat your body during hunting.

In the case of more load, it shifts the burden on your hips. You can carry it with ease during hunting.


  • High-quality Nylon Strip used.
  • Separate special shelf for meat.
  • Resistant against water.
  • It has many pockets at the front, back and on both sides.
  • It provides vast space to keep more items.
  • This hunting backpack gives you a secure lashing system for keeping meat.
  • It can shift the heavy load on your back.
  • Soft and robust straps available for shoulders and chest.
  • It has an exceptional quality soft adjustable waist belt.


  • Its nylon strip damage with sunlight.
  • It heats the back while carrying for more time.

2. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack:

The hunting backpack on number two on our list is Badlands 2200 Camouflage. This item manufactured by imported quality fabric.

It provides you with a separate shelf for meat. There are also many tripods and internal scope pockets. Its entry panel zipper makes it simple to keep items with ease.

Beautiful quality fabric provides you durable resistance against water, dirt, and blood. It designed as which makes it easy to carry during hunting.

An aluminum T-6 frame inside the backpack makes it durable. Its loader lifter transfers the weight of the heavy items on your hips. It makes it simple to carry.

More extensive space is available to keep your items with proper management. You can also keep your food items such as tea, drinks, and food in separate pockets.

 It is compatible with carrying rifles and pistol. There a separate rifle boot and a hip belt for the gun. You can also keep your bullets in the different pockets of the backpack.

There is a perfect feature that makes you satisfied is its lifetime warranty. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty cover. It will repair all kinds of damages free of cost.


  • The pure quality fabric used.
  • It provides resistance against water, dirt, and moisture.
  • Durable inside the Aluminum frame.
  • Unique design to manage heavyweight.
  • Lifetime warranty cover.
  • Separate shelf for meat.
  • Separate shelf to keep food and beverage items.


  • Zipper quality is poor.
  • Weight is substantial due to the aluminum frame.

3. Mardingtop 65+10L/65L Internal Frame Backpack:

This is one of the best hunting backpacks. It made of 600 D polyester, which provides durable resistance against water. It gives you a complete rain cover to keep your items dry in the rainy season.

Its YKK zipper works with smoothness and makes it simple to open and close. Its belt which is soft but durable and can tight and lose. You can wear with 49 waists.

Molle webbing design allows you to hang on items such as sleeping bags, tents, etc. You can carry your weapons, such as rifle and pistol.

Its great side pockets allow you to attach while needs. You can also detach these pockets if you want to light. These pockets provide ample space to keep camping and survival gear.

You can keep your items, food items, and meat of hunting safe for three days. It is one of the best backpacks which support climbing, traveling, and elk hunting.


  • It offers durable resistance against water, dirt, and moisture.
  • This backpack keeps you safe from meat smell.
  • Good quality 600D polyester material used.
  • Smooth working zipper.
  • Detachable side pockets.
  • Adjustable waist belt.
  • It has a great weapon carrying system
  • Separate belt with cover available for pistol
  • Its rain cover keeps you dry in the rain.


  • Polyesters quality damage by sunlight.
  • Heavy in size.

4. Eberlestock Team Elk Pack:

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack comes with an excellent shape and with a bottom shelf design. Its index frame makes it stable and comfortable to carry.

This backpack is a perfect one with lightweight and comfortable. You will find it convenient during longtime hunting.

There include top-bottom, full depth pockets. You can load your necessary items from the upper side. But for easiness during hunting can load things from the front side.

It offers a more extensive capacity of up to 50 liters. You can keep food, drink, and other things on a separate shelf. You can carry it with ease by adjusting its load on your hips.

Its straps are perfect in quality. There are soft fabric manufactured shoulder and chest straps available. Its great quality waist belt supports you to carry the backpack with ease.

Its certified quality fabric has high resistance against water, dirt, moisture, and temperature. Its soft foam on the front keeps your body temperature moderate.


  • It comes with inside the Intex frame.
  • Durable in use.
  • Deep and broader pockets.
  • Separate shelf for meat.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Backpack.
  • Wider inside space.
  • Zipper for opening and closing.
  • Smooth and soft fabric.
  • Separate pockets available to keep water bottles.
  • There you will find a separate compartment for keeping food items.
  • It can keep body temperature moderate.


  • Not perfect for carrying heavy items.
  • Not provide support against bad weather.

5. Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack:

Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack is an excellent backpack manufactured by Allen Company. The company is a quality brand manufacturer and popular.

Its zipper pull makes it low weight to carry. Zipper works with smoothness. There also High-vis lining that makes it easy to pull up.

It is a backpack that provides a broader capacity with 1800 cubic inches. You can carry your essentials and hunting items.

Fabric quality used in its manufacturing is certified. Its fabric has high resistance against temperature and water. Your inside cold items remain fresh, and hot stays hot.

Its fabric is soft, durable, and smooth. With your whole day hunting, you will find it soft and comfortable around back and shoulders.

Its separate dual pockets provide you facility to keep water bottles. These bottles remain safe from external temperature affects.

There included adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt, and chest strap. You can adjust them according to your body.


  • Soft straps for shoulders, chest, and waist.
  • More comprehensive and deep inside, front and back pockets.
  • Two separate pockets for water bottles.
  • Large capacity 1800 cubic inch.
  • It has certified imported quality fabric.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Temperature moderator.
  • It includes separate compartments for food and beverage items.
  • Its weapon carrying system is excellent.


  • Fabric is not dirt proof.
  • Not provide suitable resistance to water.

6. Badlands Super Day Pack:

Badlands Super Day Pack is an imported quality hunting backpack. It manufactured by 100 % polyester. This backpack is a durable item supported with hunter’s satisfaction.

The backpack combines with Thermo mold suspension molded foam. It matches your body and saves your body from heating.

This hunting backpack is one of the best hunting backpacks. It lets you carry everything that you need. It has many pockets to keep your items managed. You can hunt without distraction

It has a versatile design. There you will find five compression straps that let you carry a pistol and rifle. You can attach any of the weapons with its perfect straps.

For the hunters, it is easy to carry by its lightweight that in only 1.8 kg — a full main compartment with 1440 cubic inch capacity. Total volume is up to 1950 cubic inch that is great.

Its color patterns give you support to hides you from the prey. You can better target your prey and can fire on your victim with ease.

A separate compartment for meat is available in this backpack. It has excellent resistance against the smell, water, dirt, and moisture.


  • More extensive capacity 1950 cubic inch.
  • Capacity: 1440 cubic inches.
  • Polyester is pure and certified.
  • Separate compartment for meat.
  • It offers excellent resistance against dirt, moisture, and water.
  • Temperature moderator.
  • Keep your meat fresh for more than two days.


  • Quality of Polyester spoils by sunlight.
  • Cannot use in adventure hunting.

7. Slumberjack Carbine 2500 Backpack:

Slumberjack Carbine 2500 backpack manufacturer slumberjack is a quality brand. Its Carbine 2500 backpack combines with excellent features.

600D polyester is the best quality polyester used in its manufacturing. It makes it durable and safe in use.  Polyester ensures strong resistance against water and dirt.

For carrying multi-weapon, a versatile carry system added. It transports pistol and bow. You can attach your weapons by the support of straps.

Its pockets well organized. You can keep your necessary items in an organized form for better hunting. Pockets are available on front, back, and inside the backpack.

Two large size pockets ease you for optics and other valuable items.  Pockets are separate and deep inside to keep your things safe. These pockets are available on the sides.

It is necessary to keep food items and water with you. So, it provides you separate compartment for water and food items. Your food items remain fresh for long hours.

Separate compartment for meat available. It also maintains the quality of meat for many hours.

Its adjustable waist belt has an excellent strength to carry the heavy load. To take a heavyweight with shoulder strap also chest strap available.


  • 2500 cubic inch capacity.
  • Comfortable and Versatile.
  • Enormous room for necessary items.
  • For separate optics pocket available.
  • Stowable multi-weapon carry system
  • 600D polyester manufactured.
  • It has the best quality weapon carrying system.
  • You will find separate compartments for the water bottle.
  • For food items, a special compartment.


  • Not suitable for large hunts.
  • Multi-weapon carries system challenging to adjust.


This is the best wider backpack for hunting. Its capacity is up to 5500 cubic inches. A large room for keeping your items. You can carry tents, sleeping bags, and other issues with you during hunting.

The sound quality fabric used in its manufacturing. Its structure provides good quality. The material does not detach with heavy loads.

Many of the pockets and inside separate compartments available. For keeping meat, a different special kind of chamber accessible. It has excellent resistance against the blood and smell of flesh.

It is suitable for a significant level of hunting. You can carry many items and can benefit for more than a week.

Its perfect weapon carrying system makes you able to carry hunting weapons. You can attach rifle with strap. There is a separate waits belt with cover available for carrying a pistol.


  • Fine quality fabric.
  • Versatile, designed hunting pack.
  • Tabular frame.
  • Ample space for keeping items inside.
  • 5500 cubic inches capacity.
  • Wings for keeping tripod and scope.
  • Hydration is compatible.
  • Separate compartments for meat, food, and beverages.


  • Not suitable for small level hunting.
  • Massive challenging to carry.

9. Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack:

Tenzing TZ 4000 hunting backpack comes with a modern and versatile design. It allows you to keep all your items with you while going for a hunt.

You can carry many of the necessary accessories and hunting items with you. It includes many of the extended pockets. You can keep your essential things in an organized manner.

It provides you with a broader capacity of 1400 cubic inch compartment inside. The total size is 2500 cubic inches. There includes a perfect weapon carrying system.

Many sizes are available for the buyer’s choice. You can select the best size according to your requirements.

Its fabric quality is fantastic, which provides you durability. This certified quality fabric has excellent resistance to rain and adverse weather conditions.


  • Certified quality fabric.
  • Rain cover.
  • Many deep size pockets and compartments.
  • Beautiful quality zipper supported pockets.
  • Special weapon carrying system.
  • Compatible with lousy weather.
  • For heavy load padded hip support.


  • Fabric is hard.
  • Rain cover does not provide much support.


You have gone through our article. We have provided you with the list of best Hunting Backpack For elk hunting. All of them are exceptional in performance.

Now it is on your requirement and choice which one you select. But we suggest you pick the Alps Outdoorz Commander. This hunting backpack provides excellent features compared with others.

We have search out all and come to know that ALPS OUTDOORS COMMANDER is the best. It has a strong background with positive customer reviews.

All that we have listed are quality hunting backpacks and provides excellent experience during hunting.

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