Best Single Pin Bow Sight For Hunting – Top 10 Picks Reviewed & Rated

Hello, the hunting enthusiasts. How are you?

Welcome to the review of the best single pin bow sight for hunting 2020.

You are out in the wild venturing with your bow for practicing your hunting skills. However, the sight that is equipped to your bow has multiple pins and is messing up your focus. 

On top of that, it is almost evening, and you are having trouble focusing on your targets. But having a bow sight will give you greater visibility even on the low brightness environment.

So here we are with our top pick of the best single pin bow sight for hunting to give you a sense of direction on picking the perfect one that will enhance your hunting experience tenfold.

Our Top Single Pin Bow Sight For Hunting

1. R.U.G.L.O. Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight

Take your arching experience over the edge with Rover PRO LED as R.U.G.L.O. has put everything they have to develop this enhanced dot sight design. 

Simple yet convenient, this sight eliminates the need for conventional sight pins with its illuminated red dot.

Do you want to try out your long-distance archery but failing to do so as you don’t have the perfect bow sight? 

With the Rover Pro L.E.D., you will be able to test your long-distance archery at its peak performance. 

The sight has a lighted center dot, and with the assistance of a Black Reference Circle, long-distance archery will be more comfortable than ever. 

You know how frustrating it can get when you can’t customize a bow sight according to your preference and shooting range. It not only messes with your focus but also affects your performance. 

Thankfully, this bow sight has a ZERO-IN Adjustment Dial along with 80-Premarked Yardage Tapes that grants you fantastic customization.

Whether you are a left-handed or right-handed archer, having this bow around will counter this factor with ease as it can be effortlessly adjusted according to your preference. 

This sight is compatible with most bows out there as the Bracket design has been upgraded to incorporate maximum bows.


· The adjustable slider makes it ideal for archery 

· Micro-adjust windage grants enhanced precision 

· Illuminated green L.E.D. point eliminates the conventional sight pin. 

· Zero-In adjustment dial grants wider field-of-view.

· The quiver mount is easily customizable 


· The scope lens is sold separately.

2. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight

When it comes to bow sights, HHA OL-5519 has been dominating the market and is one of the oldest brands that have existed for over 14 years now. 

Also, let me tell you, their sights are of premium quality in terms of accuracy, precision, and the build quality is impressive.

The OL-5519 is one of their latest lite sights that will surely live up to your expectations. 

One of the irritating things about adjustable sight is that they become displaced when you shoot an arrow due to vibration caused the shooting. 

This issue won’t be a problem with OL-5519 as the knobs are tool-less to adjust, and you can conveniently adjust them when necessary.

The amazing thing about this sight is that it grants higher brightness and visibility. The way it is possible is due to the sight’s .019″ fiber optics that are integrated with a machined rheostat. 

Ultimately this will assist you in having an enhanced aiming experience so that you achieve greater precision for your shots.

The yardage tape of this sight grants ultra-precision as you can set it between 5to80 yards almost effortlessly. 

The pre-marked yardage tape will come in handy as you can flexibly set it and have a dead-lock on your target.


· The pins are effortlessly to adjust and grant precise shots.

· Amazing brightness allows greater visibility 

· The sight is usable with almost any compound bow 

· Green sight ring enhances target locking.

· A.R.M.O.R. pin technology only for greater precision.


· The sight needs to be changed manually 

3. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight is quite useful and expensive, too, especially if you are looking for performance-intensive ones. 

With this bow sight, however, you can kick out the factor of price out of your ‘things to worry about’ list. 

This sight can perform like a champ and stands proud around the rare views with pride.

The sight’s pin is vertical and effortlessly adjustable so that you can have ultra-precision on your shots. 

This feature alone makes this sight a high-performance one that can live and compete with expensive ones without breaking a sweat.

Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, that won’t be a problem in case of this bow sight.

Simply use an Allen wrench and adjust the sight either for the left-handed setup or right-handed according to your preference.

The process won’t take more than a minute or two. The slider of this bow ensures a smoother mechanism, smooth enough to get the ranges marked almost instantly. 

Instead of focusing on several pins, you can simply focus on one. However, the preference is entirely up to you; all we can do is suggest that single pin works quite efficiently compared to multiple ones.

If your bow has enough power and you can put greater strength on the pull, this sight can cover up range more than 50 yards.


· Ultra-precise adjustment grants high-performance

· Smoother operation thanks to the sight’s Delrin bushings.

· The rheostat light offers brightness adjustability.

· Glo indicator pins assist you to make precise shots. 

· Ultra-bright .019″ vertical fiber optic for greater visibility.


· The windage adjustment takes time.

4. Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019 – Right Hand

Loaded with loads and loads of features, Tommy Hogg 1 Pin falls more towards the more substantial spectrum of bow sights. 

Durable, convenient, and advanced, this sight is all you need for your bow to maximize your archery performance.

When it comes to precise shot, various factors are at play. This also includes the vibration caused by the release of the bow’s string that might affect your shot and reduce the precision. 

With Tommy Hogg 1 Pin’s elevation control, this issue won’t be a problem, and you can have maximum precision for your shots.

The multi-ring technology will help you to achieve precise alignment, which is quite simple to configure.

The added benefit?  Shooting in different lighting conditions won’t be that much big of a deal with this sight in your possession.

Perhaps, it could be the best sight, which is ideal for performing in diverse shooting environments. The sight has an optional double pin, which grants extra reference if you are going for a full draw.

With the assistance of adjustable yardage pointer, which was added recently, take your archery experience beyond limits.

Where else will you find a sight loaded with this much adjustability settings? This sight has a smooth locking mechanism, and the variable mounting position makes it easier to adjust and set on your bow.

Not only this, the sight comes with a significant number of vertical adjustments.


· M.R.T. Technology maximizes shot precision.

· Windage knob grants a smooth grip. 

· Ideal for making long-distance shots

· It can perform in most lighting conditions.

· Easy to put on the bow


· Heavier compared to other sights available in the market.

5. Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight

The demand for single pin bow sights is on the rise as these are much simpler and gives the bow hunters improved focus.

Among these single pin sights comes Trophy Ridge Drive Slider Bow Sight, which will surely fulfill your focusing hunger. Adjusting this bow for right-handed or left-handed shooters is a piece of cake. 

All you have to do is grab an Allen Wrench, un-screw and flip the sight to the other side (depending on your preference).

 Sadly an Allen Wrench is not included with the sight.

Shooting in low-light won’t be that big of a deal thanks to the L.E.D. light that lights the pin and the entire sight ring.

Don’t you prefer L.E.D.s on your sight? Don’t worry as the .029 fiber optic pin is bright enough to absorb light from outside and grant you greater visibility.

Are you one of those bow-hunters who get irritated by the slightest of environmental change that might affect your focus and accuracy?

You should grab this sight ASAP that will add up to your focus with its adjustable indicator pin to tackle any uncertain condition going on in the environment.


· Enhanced visibility with Ultra-bright .029″ fiber optic pin.

· Adjustable indicator pin maximizes precision in harsh conditions.

· Nylon bushings technology ensures smoother operation 

· Aligning shots is easier than ever with the precision installed bubble level.

· L.E.D. light that brightens up the pin and sight ring for greater visibility.


· A fragile sight that may damage if falls from hand.

6. T.R.U.G.L.O. Range-Rover Series Single-Pin Moving Bow Sight

If you are among those bow hunters who are used to multiple pin sight and now curious to try the single pin ones, you should consider going for this sight. 

You will find most of the single pin sights out there are expensive, which makes them hard to afford. 

However, T.R.U.G.L.O. Range-Rover’s Single-Pin sight is quite affordable and will grant you easier access to the world of single pin sights.

With an all-aluminum body, this sight is quite durable and will be functional for a more extended period which exceeding the investment that you will make for getting this sight. 

Keep in mind that the aluminum construction adds up to the weight of this sight and might affect your precision while shooting.

Talking about this sight’s visibility, you will be glad to know that the ring of the sight glows that grants improved visibility on low-light conditions. 

The sight has a large housing at 1.8″ inside diameter that maximizes the field of view for you to focus more on the target.

Are you worried about the pin size of your sight? Stop stressing over it with this sight at your grasp as it comes in .019 and .010 pin size.

We suggest you go for the smaller one as it will grant you higher visibility while you focus more on your shots.


· Ultra-smooth bracket ensures instant one-hand adjustment 

· Removable rheostat light is ideal for low-light conditions.

· An enhanced circular sight that comes in varying pin size.

· Elevation adjustment grants precise shooting capability.

· Adjustable for left or right-hand bow hunters 

· Easy to sight and user-friendly


· Increased weight due to aluminum construction 

7. Apex Gear Covert Pro

While going for the perfect shot, visibility is the key. The more accurately you can lock-on in the target, the better the chances of a precise shot. 

Also, guess what, Apex Gear Covert Pro has everything you need to maximize your visual potential so that you don’t miss a single shot.

With several brightness settings, including an illuminated one-pin sight and a green L.E.D. light, shooting on varying lighting conditions will come in handy, which will ultimately make you long-range accuracy consistent.

The most advanced feature of this bow sight is the center dot-crosshair, and the turret on top makes it feel like a rifle scope. It is still a bow sight that grants a wider field of view for smoother archery.

The sight has greater customization as the L.E.D. light can brighten up to 11 brightness settings, and the bracket is dampened enough to ensure silent operation.


· Easy to adjust with one hand

· Very well made sight for hunting

· Center illuminated dot adds up to the sights’ visibility

· Ideal for low light shooting environments

· Wide field of view for better shooting experience.


· Quality issues due to cheaper hardware.

8. Spot Hogg The Hogg Father Right Hand Wrapped Sight

I would definitely say this one is an outstanding sight having all of the possible features you could be looking for. 

Purchasing this quality sight won’t disappoint you in one or the other way. This sight comes with all of the bells and whistles on it that you might be looking for. 

Most importantly, you will never face a problem with sighting issues as you can constantly install and remove the sight. 

People may complain about their weight issues. However, it isn’t that much weight that one can face a lot of difficulties to carry. 

Amazingly, this Sight features a double pin that allows you to shoot multiple target distances without changing the dial. 

Obviously, this is a sight with all adjustments and micro-adjust for everything to provide high performance in the hunting mission. 

The large thumbscrew will allow you to make an easy and convenient mounting of the dovetail bar each time you set your bow up.


• All sight tapes are accurate and very clear

• It is solidly built

• Super easy to sight in

• A budget-friendly sight for everyone


• Heavyweight is an issue

• Faulty internal gears found in the yardage knob

9. Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1 Pin Bow Sight

A well-made sight is just on your hand with the lowest price you have tried to find. A lot of quality features have highlighted this Sight to customers. 

The first feature that will definitely grab your heart is its mathematical precision of React technology, which adjusts all pins to the optimal location without any mechanisms.

Even in the faraway land with this Sight, you will be in hilarious moods in the very rough environment as this sight features fiber optic yardage indicators that can compensate for various environmental conditions.

Worried about the accuracy from the longer distances? Manufacturers have made this sight with the technology called third-axis leveling, strengthening accuracy at severe angles over longer distances.

The sight comes out to be the high-quality machining and other features that will surely make you a return customer. Most importantly, it’s very viable to operate in any extreme situation. 

What about its material? Its body is covered with durable stainless steel hardware with 100% engineered-aluminum construction that allows the users to use it with the left hand. 


• A durable sight

• An affordable product for all walks of people

• Hunters find it easy to use

• The pin is very bright


• Its weight is the main headache for hunters

• The yardage pins are unable to reach the bottom

10. TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight

The cutest thing about this sight is that it works perfectly. This bow sight comes with a thumbscrew that allows you to easily lower the whole Sight when the pendulum is in the fixed position.

You will fall in love with its wonderful adjustment systems and accurate building body, which seems just out of the box. 

You will find it a great bow for hunting in a tree stand. Thanks to its manufacturer that has given it light for the fiber optic pin.

Some amazing features of this bow sight are quite noticeable, like its large aperture, its solid construction. Besides, it features a pendulum that works flawlessly.


• A nice fiber optic 

• You can easily tune it

• You can easily set up this sight

• It has awesome optics


• Loose Pendulum 

• It makes a louder sound

• Not perfect for left-handers

Things to consider before buying a single pin bow sight

I won’t tell you that go to the market and get a single pin bow sight for hunting. A reckless decision can affect your purchase, which pays a lot. 

Remember that you aren’t buying a toy; rather, you are buying hunting gear essential for your profession or hobbies. 

Purchasing a quality bow sight could be expensive; however, you should keep in mind that quality costs a little more. 

Is only the price everything to be considered before buying a single pin bow sight? No, at all. A lot of factors are out there that make a sight outstanding and complete. 

Today we will discuss those factors which you can take into your considerations to seal a good deal.

1. Durability:

Every single user wants his bow durable. Hunting in the woods is a tough job, indeed because you need to fight against all the oddities like bumping on the trees, thunders, and downpour, all of which can affect your bow sight. 

Find the bow sight, which is made of solid quality material that can endure all the nature and the environment’s setbacks. 


You won’t definitely purchase a bow sight, which is tough to use. Hunting is something difficult to do. When you get a complicated bow sight, it will make your hunting journey more difficult. 

The recommendation in choosing a hunting bow sight is to look for a sophisticated single pin bow sight that will make your whole journey easier and comfortable. Looking for single hand-adjustments can be a worthy investment. 

3. Notable Brand:

Always keep in mind that the present market is loaded with a lot of non-brand bow sight. The only positive side of the non-brand products is its price. However, the main problem with this product is that it has no warranty. 

Only wise customers compromise with the prices. That’s why they prefer brand products to non-brand ones despite costing a little bit more. 

Once your brandy bow sight stops working or you find it faulty, you can ask for repair from the dealer or the bow sight manufacturers. 

4. Price:

I am sure you won’t compromise with the price when you opt for purchasing a quality bow sight. If you want to buy a bow sight with many features, you must pay a lot for these features. 

But if you are going to experience hunting for the first time, I wouldn’t suggest you spend a lot on purchasing a bow sight. 

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Final Verdict:

Out of all these bow sights, our favorite pick is the HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Sight as the best single pin bow sight for hunting

From improved visibility to greater customization, this sight has everything there is to offer. This sure makes the sight live up to its price point.

However, the choice is entirely up to you to decide which sight will suit your shooting style best. Thanks for staying with us till the end. If you have any questions, please inform us by leaving a comment below. Bye.        

                  Go ahead and grab one to have an enhanced hunting experience.

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