Top 10 Best State For Elk Hunting In 2021

Hunting elk can be fun, rewarding, and challenging, with the bonus being the desired meat that even those new with the taste of game enjoy.

Using a rifle, you can hunt one of these massive animals even as a beginner. But what is essential is that you need to ascertain to find out the best state for elk hunting.

In the USA, you will find plenty of great places to go hunting for elk. But you may not have enough time to visit all of them, so we made a list of some of the top states for elk hunting in the USA.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our top selections when it comes to elk hunting opportunities in the USA.  

Note: According to the national survey of hunting in the USA, wildlife recreation is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the USA, and 101.6 million Americans participated in fishing, hunting, and wildlife activities.  Elk hunting is one such best wildlife activity that most of the US people want to enjoy.

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10 best state for elk hunting:

You will find at least 20 states around the USA where you enjoy your elk hunting. But you might not get the same opportunities in all the states. However, we have made a list of the best countries where you can get the best offer. 

1. Colorado:

Colorado is known as our first choice in the top 10 best states for elk hunting review 2020.

“In Colorado, elk hunting, across all seasons & methods of taking resulted in an elk hunter success rate of 20%” – According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Colorado comes with thousands of opportunities for elk hunters.

One study reported that there are approximately half a million elk were harvested in Colorado that makes it the most significant state with a population of elk around the world.

When it comes to trophy elk, Colorado might not have top spots, but they have enough bulls that average over 300 inches to satisfy most hunters.

The popularity of Colorado is increased more by over the counter licenses and permits where you can hunt with a rifle or bow.

2. Oregon:

Oregon could be another best elk hunting state in the USA for those who love to pursue a typical elk species.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, Oregon has over 34 million acres of land for hunting elks in between 100,000 to 140,000.

The most sought after species of elks found in Oregon State are Rocky Mountain elk and Roosevelt elk. Besides, you can hunt in this state as a non-resident with a rifle or bow for USD 641.

3. Utah:

When it comes to elk hunting, Utah has become a mecca over the last decade giving birth some of the biggest elk the world has ever known. 

The elk hunting and elk population have exploded in Utah. No other state made more record-book bulls than Utah from 2000 to 2016!

Note: You may know about the world record elk “Spyder Bull” as a hunter who was hunted on one of the professional units in the world – Monroe.

4. Idaho:

Idaho becomes the fast-growing in popularity for elk hunting around the USA.  It offers excellent experience with lots of opportunities.

According to the state’s statistics, the total of elk found in Idaho is between 105,000 to 150,000. 

Idaho could be the best place for those who want to enjoy a little bit of adventure when it comes to elk hunting. 

5. Montana:

If you love beautiful scenery, adventure, and elk hunting, then you are welcome to Montana.  It is another largest elk hunting area around the USA, where you found approximately 160,000 elks.

According to the hunters’ experience, you will find 50% of elk (big bulls) in the southwest area of the state.

Note: Montana is known as the most costly state for elk hunting at USD858.00.

6. Wyoming:

Wyoming is one of the most significant states out there that offers Over-the-Counter (OTC) elk tags. In Wyoming, you will find most elks at the Rocky Mountains.

According to the Wyoming Game & Fish data, the total of elk harvested in Wyoming has ranged from 20,941 to 26,365 (last 10 years).

Another study revealed that 24,535 elk were harvested in 2017 by hunters (56,505) in the state for a 35.3% success rate.

7. New Mexico:

When considering elk hunting, New Mexico is hardly the state that you may find.  With only 68,000 elks, New Mexico offers some excellent elk hunting spots. As a non-resident, you can hunt at USD 548 to USD 773.

8. Arizona:

Arizona becomes the top hunting spot for the hunters due to the abundance of trophy bulls. For many hunters, it is also known as the most expensive state (USD 850) for elk hunting that makes it costly enough, among others.

According to the report, in Arizona, you will find around 35,000 elk in easy access to smaller areas.  

9. Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania is known as the best state for those who want to hunt at a low cost. You need to spend only USD 250 as a non-resident that makes it standalone to the others.

When most elk hunting chances are in western states, some hunters also recommend Pennsylvania is the best location to prey elk east of the Mississippi.

10. Washington:

Washington is our final choice as an elk hunting state in this list.

According to the survey of WDFW elk specialist, this state has some of the biggest bulls to prey. 

Though the mountain lions and forest fires lower the total of elk herd for many years, nowadays, Washington State manages herd ranging from 5,000 – 6,000.

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You will find so many great states elk hunting in the USA that it is hard to declare the top ten lists. Even if we are calling this the top 10 best state for elk hunting, this list is just a way to start your thinking, and we are definitely open to other thoughts. Enjoy your elk hunting the most.

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