Best Time Of The Year To Hunt Coyotes – Things You Need To Know

Coyote hunting is a very classic sport. Even though coyote hunting started as a means of surviving their attacks and saving one’s livestock and animals, it soon transitioned into a sport. 

Coyotes are small, fast-paced creatures that can hide in the woods very well. As a result, hunting coyotes bring much honor for the hunters, and thus it soon became trendy among people.

It goes without saying that, hunting coyotes isn’t easy. Also, they aren’t dangerous or available equally every part of the year.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best time of year to hunt coyotes and some other technical aspects of coyote hunting. 

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Coyote Hunting Based on Seasons:

1. Summer: 

Coyote hunting in summer is extremely different from the other seasons. Firstly, your line of sight is often distracted due to extra foliage, grass, etc. 

Also, due to excessive heat, coyotes tend to stay near their dens. While searching for dens is a good idea, most dens are guarded by older coyotes, which will give you a run for your money. 

But, if you’re someone who loves the thrill of hunting in summer, you can always try. Choose the months in June, before it gets unbearably hot. 

Also, use calls such as pup distress and fawn decoys, which can be helpful in summer. Overall, coyote hunting in summer is never a good idea.

2. Fall: 

Early fall is an excellent time for coyote hunting if you’re inexpensive with turbid forest weather and animal behaviors. 

This is the time when young coyotes finally go out of their homes. Since they don’t know much about the world, they’d easily fall prey to your tactics. Using simple distress or mating calls are enough. 

However, you won’t find a lot of coyotes during this time. Thus, it’s not a fantastic time for the experienced ones.  

3. Spring: 

Springs are generally more comfortable for coyotes. As a result, coyotes often go out to build dens, mate, and reproduce. A bit of practice can help you land all the games around. 

What you need to keep in mind is, they’re mostly in large numbers. So, be adequately prepared to both hunt and run. 

4. Winter: 

Early winter is probably the best time for coyote hunting. Winter is the time when a lot of animals tend to get more and more active. 

Searching and storing food, finding a safer home, and mating and reproducing. As a result, they’re a lot more active. 

Also, since there’s a lot of movement, it creates scope for a lot of strategies from using preys as decoys to distress sound, to using the sound of another coyote in heat. 

All of these work perfectly in winter. However, the harsh cold can cause a lot of trouble as well. So, early winter is a better time for hunting. 


Discussing all the seasonal aspects, we can say that winter is the best time of year to hunt coyotes

However, seasons aren’t the only defining factor; there are other factors such as time of day, the strategy of hunting, condition of weather, and the overall geographic situation. 

So, research and understand your situation and then get to work. 

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