9 Best Treestands for Bow Hunting – Reviewed 2020

Do you want to up your hunting technique but you do not know what to invest in? Then I suggest it is the right time you try tree stand hunting. Hunting from the tree is another form of hunting that every hunter needs to try out, but you need the best treestands for bow hunting to participate.

The challenging aspect of this hunting technique is that you need to get a quality tree stand. Else, one might end up falling off from the tree which can lead to severe injuries that could have been prevented or avoided.

However, we have demystified the task for you with the list of the tree stands you should consider in the market.

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Summit Treestands Universal Seat 

One of the reliable treestand in the market today is the Summit Treestands Universal Seat. It is a sturdy and durable hunting gear that is considered by all who have an interest in taking the hunting adventure above the floor.

The treestand comes with a padded seat which offers hunters lots of room to sit and relax while waiting for the animal to come within reach for hunting. It comes with all you need to strap the stand on any tree. You just need to locate a strong tree that can hold your weight. 

The seat comes with four rubber-coated quick change buckles which keep you on the seat for as long you remain on the tree. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain after use. With a fairly price, it is a great investment for you.

Summit Universal Replacement Treestand...
  • Fits most Summit and other commercially available stands
  • Double-layer foam construction for plush comfort
  • 4 rubber-coated quick-change buckles
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo pattern
  • 12"W x 18"D base size; 20"H x 12"W backrest size


Very easy to strap on a tree

Easy to remove from the tree

Padded seat for comfort and convenience


It makes noise when on the tree

Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand

The Hunter Safety System X-1 Bowhunter Treestand is a suspension relief strap designed for those who have an interest in taking their hunting to the tree. It is one of the safest harnesses for hunting. You can easily wear it on your hunting clothes, and it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to you. 

The stitches and straps are very strong and durable to hold you on the tree, thereby ensuring you don’t fall off. It is lightweight, made from high-quality materials which allow all-day movement. It is highly comfortable and convenient to wear and use.

Not all harness for tree stand allows free movement. But this gives hunter lots of room to do anything while on the tree. Using the treestand harness strap is very easy since it comes with safe use instruction and a DVD for you to find it straightforward to use.

Hunter Safety System X-1 Treestand...
  • STAY SAFE THROUGHOUT THE HUNT: No dangerous dangling straps or confusing weave-through buckles
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MEETS PHENOMENAL COMFORT: Weighs only 2.5 lbs; incredibly lightweight which allows for all-day comfort and mobility
  • VERSATILE ENOUGH FOR ALL-SEASON USE: Can be easily worn over lightweight clothes or underneath cold-weather gear for all-season use
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Primary Treestrap, Suspension Relief Strap, Safe-Use Instructions, and DVD all included
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY: Strongest in the industry


Incredibly lightweight

Comfort and convenience

Enhance mobility

Safe to use 


The tether is too short

Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

Here is another dynamic treestand from the summit you should consider. Thee are only a few treestands in the market that can compete or offer what you get from the Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber. It is a solid treestand, and it gives the confidence needed to perform excellently on the tree.

It is made of steel with the capacity to hold up to 300 pounds. It isn’t among the category of the lightweight treestand because it is made of heavy-duty materials. However, conveying it from one place to another isn’t a mountain you can’t climb. 

The treestand utilizes quickdraw cable retention system, which plays a major role in ensuring easy and smooth securing on trees. Also, the package includes summit rapid climb stirrups. Furthermore, the seat and backrest make it comfortable for you to stay longer on the tree.

Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel...
  • Steel frame holds up to 300 pounds and features full perimeter design for improved safety as a sit-down or Stand-Up treestand
  • Uses quickdraw cable retention System for fast and easy securing to trees
  • Includes summit rapid climb stirrups
  • The classic summit Viper at a lower price thanks to its steel construction, yet weighs just 29 pounds



Easy to climb

Plenty of room to hunting expressly


The footpad is very small

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

One of the most purchased climbing trees stand in the market today is those from Lone wolf, and one of them to consider is the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand. It comes with the full size of 30″ x 19.5″ with ample space for uninterrupted hunting performance.

This is a solid treestand that will fit trees from 6 inches to 19 inches in diameter. It has amazing features which make it difficult to overlook, such as the two reg traction belts, backpack straps and one bungee strap. The design integrates 3-d camo platform style while the seat is padded with contoured foam. 

With the 6 point fall arrest system, you can be assured you are safe while on the tree. It has the capacity to hold off 350 pounds which makes it a perfect fit for both small and heavy hunters. Also, the treestand can fold down, which makes it easy to transport from one place to another.


Lightweight and durable

Folding design

Comfy and convenient



XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand

You need a reliable climbing tree stand to stay comfortable on the tree, and one of the best you should consider is the XOP Ambush Climbing Tree Stand. It is made from high-quality materials which makes it sturdy and durable. The design is one reason you should consider the tree stand.

It has pack down design which makes you can fold and carry about easily. The steel-reinforced big tooth traction band makes it perfect for holding on any tree and remaining stable and comfortable. Climbing is effortless using the ARCH technology that comes with the tree stand. 

The tree stand has a large platform for ample foot room, ultimate offset capability, fall arrest system, strapping belts and buckles, full-body harness and it comes with instruction DVD for you to know how to install on the tree, climb and also come down easily. Also, it can hold up to about 350 pounds.


Very easy to install and climb on tree

Large platform for the foot

Enhance smooth tree hunting


Difficulty in getting the rails to move up and down

Surround Seat, Mossy Oak Camo

This is a Surround Seat with mossy oak camo design specially built for those who love to move up about the ground for hunting. The hunting tree stand comes with padded sides that give adequate warmth and protection to you from the wind.

The design and construction are alluring, and with the three Velcro closure pockets, you can keep some important hunting gears within your reach. The surround seat has quick-release buckles for easy mount and dismount.

Furthermore, it fits perfectly into any summit climber tree stand or any available tree stand you have. Also, it is compatible with some ladder stands. Your comfort and convenience are considered, which is why it boasts of padded sides which gives you maximum support.


Padded sides and back support

Compatible with some ladders

Quick-release buckles for easy mount and dismount



Summit Treestands The Stump 

The Summit Treestands The Stump is perfect for any kind of ground hunting. It should not be positioned too far above the ground level. It is a very resourceful and well-designed treestand for hunters. The design is simple, and its application is straightforward.

It comes with powder-coated steel ground seat that has a shock-free system which makes it one of the quiet you could ever find in the market. It is lightweight, portable and has the capacity to hold up to about 300 pounds.

It comes cheap and affordable, and that is basically because it only comes with a seat. The strap has been used on the tree is very strong and reliable to handle your weight if your weight falls below 300 pounds.

Summit Treestands The Stump
  • Powder-coated steel ground seat
  • Shock-free design that’s also extremely quiet
  • Weighs 7.5 lbs. and holds up to 300 lbs.
  • 18" x 16" seat size


Perfect for all kind of ground hunting

Very safe to use

Cheap and affordable


Not too comfortable due to the lack of sides and backrest

Lone Wolf Wide Flip-Top Climber Combo Climbing Tree Stand

This seat and hang on a tree from Lone wolf is quite irresistible for hunters who love tree hunting. It is the best you can consider for hunting on the tree if indeed you care so much about your comfort and convenience. It comes with climbing aid which makes it easy for seated climbing.

It is very easy to set up, it has a padded seat for comfort, and it keeps you in the best position to shoot at your target. It conveniently fits trees within 9 to 19 inches in diameter, and it is blessed with the capacity to accommodate a user with the weight of about 350 pounds.

The lone wolf treestand has amazing features such as the backpack straps, 6-point fall arrest system, contoured foam pad, on-base and XL belt for added safety.

Lone Wolf Wide Flip Top Climber Combo...
  • We took the best of both the Sit & Climb and the Alpha Hang On and combined them to make the ultimate climbing treestand
  • The wider stance of the climbing aid makes for easy seated climbing
  • The padded seat is mounted higher to keep you in the ready position and flips up and out of the way for the shot
  • Quick, easy to set, and comfortable with a 14” x 12” flip-up seat; Fits trees 9”-19” in diameter
  • Weighs just 21 pounds and has a 350-pound weight limit


Lightweight and portable

Perfect for heavy hunters

Safe to use

Easy to mount on any tree



Summit Treestands Men’s Pro Safety Harness

The Summit Treestands Men’s Pro Safety Harness comes in different sizes for you to choose the one that suits you. It is a safety harness that can be used on any treestand. The performance level of the safety harness is mindblowing as it has an amazing design which makes it superb.

The stitches are strong to keep you secured and safe while you are climbing the tree or when you are on the treestand. It has a quick-lock buckle and padded shoulder straps which makes it comfy on you. 

It has the capacity to hold about 300 pounds, and it doesn’t interfere with your movement on the tree. The most important is that you should ensure you get the right one with your perfect waist size.

Summit Treestands Men's Pro Safety...
  • High-performance tether and bungee tether line
  • Lineman’s climbing rope
  • Quick-lock buckles and comfort-engineered padded shoulder straps
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • 35" to 46" Waist Size


High-performance tether

Comfort engineered padded shoulder straps

Comfy and convenient to wear


It requires a climbing tree stand


Hunting above the ground surface is another dimension of hunting you want to try out. We know how difficult this would be for you, and that is why we have done the best to share with you some important things you should know. Also, we share with you the list of the best treestands for bow hunting you can consider in the market.

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