How To Film Your Own Hunts|Tips For The Hunter

Nowadays, for a good reason, people are beginning to filming their hunts though it is not very easier to capture full-quality video. 

Some so many people already used the camera that has slow motion, 4k capable, and time-lapse. 

And nowadays, it is effortless to content delivered through a cell phone on social media like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

That’s why if the camera does not do the capturing hunts, then it can be considered. 

Replay the memories from the hunt and share the memories with family and friends that worth to takes extra effort.

So, Before Go to Hunt Don’t Forget to Take A Best Camera to Film Your Own Hunt.

Equipment’s for self-hunts: Self filming hunt tips

For self-hunts, some tools must be needed. There is some minor equipment as well, which makes your job easier. So let’s take a look at the self film hunting kit below:

  • Camera. (DSLR, Camera recorder.)
  • Tripod
  • Tree arms
  • Mic (shotgun)
  • Mic (wireless)
  • Extra camera battery
  • Remote lanes
  • Cloth (camera cloth)
  • Light (for effect)

Choose the right camera:

In professional photography to finding proper equipment is like half of the battle. This happened especially in filming any video. 

Another side a number 1 photo by and world-class photographer get through an iPhone. 

And world-class photographers can’t do much with the tinny sounds of cell phones and shaky quality recordings. 

Thus if someone wants to record or get the best hunting video, then they need to invest their best as well. 

So the first and foremost is the camera itself. The camera always provides a sizable viewing screen.

So which camera you choose is always up to you. But most of the hunter prefers Campbell at the time of the outdoor shoot. Canon or Nikon is also best for other functions.

Filming site preparation:

At the time of setting up hunting spot, you need to sightlines trim by this; you will get your shots clear at wander past. 

If you prepared for filming hunts, you need to trimming shoot and filming lines both. By this, your camera gives different actions on a slightly different perspective than you will. 

Another thing is you will get hunting footage that is very exciting on the game on a slow.

The main thing is on the television what show which you capture is in the submission amateur video on the air, and your video must have it. 

Practice before the shoot:

It would be best if you are serious about the filming of your own hunts. You must have enough confidence and skills about the shooting of your weapon and aiming.

Thus it is also essential to do a practice to the filed before you start your actual hunting. The camera and the arms are also involved in this practice.

Other essential things are the visualization of trees and buck’s approach if you are shooting on deer hunt then plotting the scenario at your mind.

Whole experience capture:

The next one is to put the seal on to the deal. Always use your camera for the actual scenario of hunting and always try to capture killing footage from the buck harvest.

Thus for filming the hunting harvest isn’t the only part. And this is needed to sure by you. A hunter video always has a narrative. By this, they will give more viewers and the chance to know more.


There you have the details about how to film your own hunts. Hopefully, by following the above-mentioned tips and tricks filming your own hunt would be easier than ever. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below. Happy hunting 🙂

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