How to gut a deer after shooting?

Want to know exactly how to gut a deer after shooting? This article will show you the step-by-step process of how to gut or field dress a deer after shooting. 

Before starting the process, let us appreciate how exciting it is to hunt a deer with a rifle and then prepare it ourselves.

If you are a true hunter, you will prefer to gut your own hunt. And as you’ve come here to know more about the process, it’s really great to see so many people interested in the field dressing of their own deer themselves.

When do you take the bullet out?

Some pay way too much attention to when to take the bullet out. If it hasn’t entered any organs, you can just use the knife to make a bigger hole to take the bullet out first.

Or else, if it has entered an organ, follow the process; you will be able to get rid of the bullet along with the organs without even trying anything.

6 step process to gut a deer

To make it easy for you, we will go through the whole process step by step. All you have to do is follow the steps, and you’ll be done.

Step 1: Having The Proper Tools

Going hunting requires you to carry a field dressing kit at all times. Because you have to be prepared for gutting your prey. You need a pair of rubber gloves for safety, one sharp knife, one knife with a gut hook, and some other necessary knives for cutting the small parts. You can use a serrated blade for that. 

There are some other things that people don’t carry and regret later on. It’s smart to carry some heavy-duty dry towel, wet wipes, a few ziplock bags, and whatnot.

Step 2: Fixing The Deer into a Proper Position

It’s ideal for placing the head of the deer in a slightly elevated place. That gives you a proper advantage while you’re waiting for it to drain. Gravity is a big help in this case. 

You have to place the deer on its back and spread the postern legs. But remember to take all the necessary tools out from your field kit. Otherwise, it’s very inconvenient to reach out to the field kit every time you need something. 

Step 3: Know where to start from

To ensure the best cutting, you have to know where you can start. If it’s a buck, there’s one way; if it’s a doe, then it’s another way. 

For bucks, you have to start from the lower end. The first order of business is to remove the testicles and the reproductive organ. 

For does, you have to start from the lower end as well and remove the teat. After removing each part from each type, you can use a hole for the next thing.

Now, remember bringing a knife with a gut hook? All you have to do is insert the tip gently and, with a very steady hand, start pulling it through frontwards till you reach the chest of the deer. 

Now, grab a normal sharp knife, just poke a bit into the skin, and carefully start pulling it upwards. Stop when you reach the breastbone.

Step 4: Getting rid of the Trachea

After reaching the breastbone, you have to cut through the center firmly. When there’s an intersection open with which you can reach the deer’s throat, get your hands inside and reach for the trachea to locate it. 

If you are holding it, use the other hand to cut and separate the Trachea. Be cautious about hurting yourself. The throat area is a blind spot. Try to use your dominant hand to precisely cut the trachea. 

Now that it’s separated, pull it downwards till you reach the bottom of the deer.

Step 5: Removing all the organs

While pulling the trachea down, start cutting the organs to remove them one by one. To do that, you have to cut the connecting tissues of all the organs and the entrails.

You’ll be going through that from top to bottom order. The first things to come out will be the lungs and the heart. 

Then eventually, you’ll have the stomach and the intestines. If you’re done with these, get back to the starting point and start cutting between the legs until you reach the anus. This will expose the pelvis. Now you can get rid of the bladder first and then the large intestine.

You can follow any other method inside. But this is one of the most standard methods anyone can apply. Professionals who have gutted hundreds of hunted deer sometimes apply different methods just for fun.

If you don’t want to ruin the deer’s total structure and don’t want to mess up the whole thing, try to stick to this order.

Step 6: Let is drain.

Now that the organs are out, the next thing left to do for you is to let the deer drain. To do that, flip it and keep it on its leg straight with a firm hand.  After it’s drained, check whether anything left for you to take out and clean the inside. If not, you can proudly say that you have gutted your own hunted deer.

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Final Words

That’s how you go through the whole process of gutting a deer. If you are wondering whether it’s a complicated job or not, for trying it the first time, yes, it can be a very complicated task.

But if you check and see people who have been gutting their own deer with their own technique, you can understand gutting a deer is about the experience; it’s about doing the same thing over and over again because of their love towards hunting and wanting to get the feeling of prepping their own animal by themselves.

I hope we have given you the step by step approach of how to gut a deer after shooting. If you follow these steps, I can assure you that the deer’s gutting will be really great, even for someone who’s doing it for the first time. 

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