How To Use A Gps For Hunting – Surefire Tips And Tricks

Well, it is no longer a dream but a very firm reality: today, any hunter can benefit from information coming from satellites. At your buying, the GPS is there!

Electronics have irreversibly conquered the world of hunting. The rangefinder, dog tracking tools, or even night vision glasses are now more or less part of the hunter’s range. GPS items are now added to these high-tech products.

Who hasn’t been lost in the mountains on a day of dense fog or in the forest? Who did not want to know where he was during an offer to a hunting party?

Well, all its services are now possible thanks to products based on satellite location – namely the famous GPS.

Widely distributed to car drivers, GPS is now available for paragliders, cyclists, hikers, and, why not, hunters. However, today we will try to reveal the way “how to use a GPS for hunting.” 

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How to use a hunting gps?

When scouting GPS for hunting could be very beneficial on your hunt and for recapturing the animal.

Nevertheless, you need to know how to make a route, mark a waypoint, and use the hunt calculator in your GPS device before you go for hunting.

All GPS tools are a bit different, but a few necessary instructions are as follows:

  • Mark a Waypoint:

It would help if you spotted a waypoint screen in your handheld gps while you want to specify your current location. You can mark your current position in the style of a GPS waypoint.

By using the navigation buttons of your GPS unit, you can mark your position, namely Elk Tank, TreeStand1, etc.

When you want to come back to this spot, you can simply get the name (you gave it in your chart) of waypoints & your GPS will guide you back to your current position.

  • Make A Route:

A route refers to a series of waypoints that will guide you to your ultimate goal.

Often I use a map while I am hunting and want to specify different points along with a mountain range that I would love to glass for predators’ in the main point and stalk condition.

Also, in your GPS, you can make a route by going through the routes screen in your GPS unit. Then touch on New to create another route waypoint.

Until you have spotted all the positions along the way, continue doing this to reach your ultimate goal.

  • Hunt/Fish Calculator:

You will find plenty of GPS units with the hunt or fish calculator made into them, which show you the perfect time to be out in the field for scouting based on the cycle of the moon.

Each hunting gps app has a unique feature as to how you retrieve these details, so talk your owners’ manual for individual instruction. This instruction will assist you while you are hunting in the field.


There are you the basics of how to “how to use a gps for hunting”? With this information, you can either map out a way to your destination or save your route if you need to return or get out of the wilderness if you get lost.

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