How To Mask Human Scent From Trap?

                              “Beating The Animals’ Sense.”

If you have not known it hereinbefore, fooling an animals’ nose is one of the toughest jobs that any hunter faces when it comes to making a trap for hunting.

The easy fact is that if an animal finds a whiff of your smell, or any smell that is not natural to the spot while making a trap, the game is pretty much over.

But if you know how to mask human scent from the trap, you can easily be a successful hunter anyway. So please stay with us to know about the unique way to hide the human odor.

Note: According to the study by Mississippi State University, the sense of smell of a deer is 500 to 1,000 times stronger than humans. Besides, researchers also said, wild animals like whitetails deer have thousands of sensitive receptors in their nose.

What is the best way to remove the human scent from traps?

You can make a different type of trap to meat up your desire, such as rock deadfalls, snares of braided steel cable, body grip traps, foothold traps, and camera trap, etc.

Not only this, you may fall into a trap by some source. These traps may set with a different and challenging form.

However, the main thing is to mask you from the trap. Let’s take a look at some ways of de-masking human scent.

  • Block yourself with a cover so that not spread out the body odor.
  • Use natural de-cent elements to mask your body scent.
  • You can use some scent blocking spray to hide the human smell from the trap.
  • Clean up your hands at first to de-scent before making a trap.
  • Use the local watercourse to clean up your trapping parts and also your hand or body part.
  • Sand, mud, silt, or clay may work as a helping agent for this purpose. (Those work as oil absorber and an abrasive agent.)
  • Use campfire black charcoal powder to make dry hands or trapping part. On the other hand, white and grey ash prohibited for it.
  • You can use a local plant with strong-smelling to make confusion. Make rubbing for making layering on hands or trap part with damp, fresh, and local dirt.
  • Some pungent plant also hides human scent such as wild onion, mints, crushed pine needles, etc.
  • Stand at the downwind position from the trap to overcome your scent with opposite directions wind.
  • Use cloths to wear, which is washed with scent eliminating soap.
  • Avoid smoking before making a trap or passing the trap.
  • Wear sent adsorbing clothes or bags. You can use the ‘ninja suit’.

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Best way to remove human scent from traps:

Do you want to get the Best way to remove human scent from traps? Perhaps using the hunting scent eliminator could be the best way to mask the human odor from traps. 

The hunting scent eliminators are designed to hide the human scent in the field, which is the key to bagging a buck. You will find plenty of scent eliminators out on the market.

Some popular types of scent eliminators include Sprays, Deodorants, Soaps, and Ozone Emitters, which have been proven in laboratory tests to hide human odors.  

Benefits of Masking Human Scent from Trap:

The human scent works as a barrier during animal hunting time. From wild animals to the fox, coyote, dogs, American whitetail, etc. are highly sensitive to human scent.

They can identify any smell from under the upper surface of the soil. You can’t hunt through trapping if you fail to mask your body scent.

Your hand touch with trapping parts left a scent that alerts animals to not passing through your trap.

However, you may also fall into the trap somehow. In this case, you can save yourself by following the instructions “how to make traps scent-free.”


​ In the case of trapping issues, human scent masking is the first thinking topic. The bottom line is that we can’t fool animals’ nose, but we can do all to mask human scent from the trap.

The ways mentioned above “how to mask human scent from trap” can ensure you de-scent any disrupting scent from the trap.

Whatever you select, never be frightened to consider outside the box. By all means, we would love to know what you are doing to mask your scent from trapping. Please, leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

                                         Best of luck & happy trapping!

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