Ozonics HR 300 Reviews – A Hunter’s Best Friend

Welcome to the Ozonics HR-300 review. It’s a spring morning, and you are venturing out on a forest in search of a deer to hunt. Finally, you find one and begin to track it’s movement, waiting for it to come to a standstill position. 

The moment finally arrives, the deer stopped, you are completely focused, and as you are about to take the shot, it runs away. Most prey gets scared away due to the scent of the human smell compared to sound or other factors. 

It can be quite frustrating to track your prey down by investing a lot of time only to scare it away at the final moment. That is why a scent elimination system is a must-have tool for every hunter.

As countless systems are available online, it is wonderful to get overwhelmed by all these sound elimination products. 

Ozonics has been known for its product performance as hundreds of success stories have been shared about their product.

Sit tight as we are here with Ozonics’ latest offering, the Ozonics HR-300 review, and how it outperforms other systems.

Ozonics HR-300 Reviews: 

  • Quality and performance:

Do you find your prey winding up on you quite often? Ozonics HR-300 is just the system you need.

As the next generation of the ozone-generating device, you can count on this smell eliminating the system while going for a hunt.

Hunt your prey hassle-free as the Enhanced Odor Destroying Ozone Output ensure 45% more output compared to the previous versions of Ozonics. 

This feature makes the device superior even in comparison to most of the smell eliminating devices out there.

The enhanced performance of this device will make sure you don’t scare your prey for such a small factor, like body odor.

  • Design:

Another great thing about HR-300 is its brand new design, which introduces the Integrated Pulse Technology that balances time and oxidant. 

This feature not only increases the effectiveness but also grants efficiency in case of power consumption. 

  • Battery backup:

Problem with most of the smell eliminating devices out there is their battery backup.  

Thankfully, HR-300 features two battery modes (standard and boost). 

The device will stay functional for almost 6 hours on standard mode and 5 on boost mode, which is enough time for you to have a hassle-free hunting experience.

  • Integrated EZ mount technology:

Some hunters find it troublesome to mount their smell eliminating device as they fail to find a perfect spot where the device should be mounted. 

Keep in mind that the device should always be above your head so that the deployed ozone falls on you due to its heavy nature.

With HR-300’s Integrated EZ mount technology, mounting will be effortless.

Ease of use:

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Do you know what will save your butt at the final moments while going for the shot? A device that offers greater ease-of-use will save your butt at the last moments while hunting.

Ozonics HR-300 is designed to grant just that as it can be operated while wearing gloves.

Operating this device can be a piece of cake, even in the dark.

Enhanced & Super-Quiet Fan:

While hunting, you have to make sure that you are a phantom that is drifting through the woods without interrupting its natural environment. 

Doing so will maximize the chance of your prey to stay comfortable and come to a standstill more often.

With HR-300’s Enhanced & Super-Quiet Fan, going phantom mode will be easier than ever.

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System...
  • NEW UPGRADE: Integrated Pulse Technology balances time and oxidant concentration to ensure the proper amount is deployed to deodorize your gear.
  • UP TO 45% MORE OZONE OUTPUT: The device enhances odor destruction with up to 45% more ozone output than previous models, sending concentrated O3 downwind to eliminate human scent.
  • INTUTIVE INTERFACE: Designed to use without noise. The system can be used when hunting on the ground, or from a tree stand.
  • SUPER-QUIET FAN: Enhanced & Super-Quiet Fan projects odor-destroying ozone into your scent zone.
  • INCLUDES: HR 300 | Standard Battery (up to 4 hrs in Boost Mode and 5 hrs in Standard Mode) | Single Bay Battery Charger | Charger Power Supply | Charger Power Cord | Mounting System | EZMount Receiver | EZMount Stud (Please see Description below for more information).


  • Maximum performance as it deploys 45% more ozone.
  • Operational even while wearing gloves and in the dark.
  • Quickly mountable without producing much noise.
  • It has a great battery backup.
  • Effortless to carry as it weighs only 16 ounces.


  • It doesn’t come with an XL battery.

(However, the standard battery is enough to get the job done and will last for an entire hunt.)

Buying Guide: Ozonics Reviews 2020

If you are a newbie with the sound elimination systems and lack the technical know-how, we are here to help. 

There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration so that you can pick a suitable system that assists your hunting experience.

  • Battery Backup:

As for any portable devices, having a battery backup for a more extended period will, without a doubt, help you with your hunting. 

Let’s face it; you will be out there on a forest or a jungle hunting down prey, having a minimal sense of time. You need a smell elimination device that you can rely on.

Your main area of concern while picking up a smell elimination device should be the battery backup. 

  • Ozone Output:

Ozone is widely known for its smell removing capability. It reacts with smell particles and destroys them, eliminating offensive odors in the process.

                 That is why it holds great importance in the hunting scenario.

The more ozone a smell eliminating system can give out, the better the performance of the device. Look for a system that has higher ozone output.

  • Mount:

As you will be venturing out there on a jungle or a forest, you will find yourself moving quite a lot as you track down your prey.

                  That is why you need a device that grants easy and effortless mounting.

  • Silent Operation:

The main purpose of adopting a smell eliminating system is to reduce your body odor so that prey doesn’t get scared away. 

If the system produces noise while fanning out ozone, it surely will make the prey run away.

                    Go for a device that ensures silent operation.


There you have the Ozonics HR-300 review guide. Hunting is not as easy as it seems and requires quite a great deal of effort. Many hunters will give up everything just to have a second chance on a big buck that they have missed in the past. 

To make sure that you don’t regret later on your missed opportunities, you should have every tool necessary for hunting on your arsenal.

Preys are extremely sensitive to smell, and that is why taking that away will make them almost vulnerable so that you can hunt effortlessly. 

HR-300 should be your ideal smell eliminating system as it outperforms most of the devices available online at this price point.

With features such as Integrated Pulse Technology and Enhanced odor-destroying output, you will never miss an opportunity. Grab the device ASAP without giving it a second thought.

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